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Who is Vintage China Hire?
I was possibly a magpie or bower bird in a previous life, picking up lots of pretty and unusual objects to store away. Someone who can now provide you with a fantastic array of items, arranged beautifully for your event or special day.

Do you only hire vintage china?
Yes. We don’t have or use new items. We do have some beautiful old genuine vintage pictures (framed with the original frame, mostly with stunning roses or other flowers) that you could hang on a wall or behind tables if you have that option in a venue.

Do you not do any event?
We like to think we can help anyone out with their special occasion, so would love to chat with you.  If we are not able to help you, we may be able to suggest some of the other people we know.

I know what I want, but I can’t see it on your website. Can you help me?
Yes.Why don’t I call you so we can chat, as we could set up a time for you to view some of our collection, or I could meet you at your place.

Do you sell your China?
No, it is only for hire.

How long is the hire period?
Usually between 1-3 days, but we can discuss with you if you wish a longer period.

Do I wash and dry or do you do this for me?
Washing up is included in all our hire – there is no extra cost. We want you to enjoy your event!!!

Are all your sets matching?
No, but we can put together colours or styles, e.g. pull out anything with a dark red rose on it; or a range of blues (perhaps made up of patterns and plain blue, and with some gold edging), or just pink tones.

How do you fit in with our caterer or event planner?
We would love to meet your caterer or event planner so that we can all work together for the best event for you!!!

Do you know of caterers, florists, cakes and wedding planners?
Yes we do! See our friends page for contact details.

Do you have a minimum hire order?

Do you deliver?